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Kelly Blanchard  has been producing music from his home studio since the early ‘90’s, mostly working on an analog format Tascam 38 ½" 8 track. Over the years he has recorded his own bands: Yab Yum, The Meltdowns and Blue Star Creeper. He has also worked with many local artists such as SeaStar, Taylor Brandesky, Nevada Bachelors, Coriander, The Waiting Room (who later became Recess Monkey), Charmin Wray, White Knuckle Ride and Prison.


Kelly also ran live sound in the 90’s on cable access television shows with producers Rob Hursh and Steve Coy, where he worked with many local artists including Jeremy Wilson of the Dharma Bums, Gerald Collier, Graig Markel, Alice Stuart, and Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the United States of America.


With his own band, he has worked with local producers Jack Endino, Conrad Uno, Johnny Sangster, Chris Hanzsek, Stuart Hallerman, Pat Sample and Graig Markel.


After completing a Sound Engineering Certificate program at the University of Washington, he also spent 6 months interning at Clatter & Din, a digital post production studio with Peter Barnes.


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